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What Is SyncSpace?

 SyncSpace carries out its innovative conveyance technology and approach in keeping the digital wallets, financial information, and private keys on the satellite networks.

Simple SMART Agreements

Standardized contracts with autofill smart features

Liquidity Pools:

Insurance pooling and escrow

Taking superior advantage in the field of economics:

Open source benefits from fully decentralized force and closing the gaps between technical principles and the rest of the world

Physically unapproachable:

Information accumulated in the SSP ecosystem only can be the subject of demonstration in the blockchain system

Ignition Crowdfunding Platform

Private and Public Auction Platform

The Operational Approaches of Decentralized Custody

Phase 1:

Protected connection: By downloading the SSP mobile app, our customers will be able to access our terrestrial transmission satellites safely without any delays

Phase 2:

A stronger connection: To completely eliminate the use of the internet our system will launch a hardware device, The device will have the connection to our highly protected servers only with the use of our Built-in VPN technology.

Phase 3:

Highest Security Level in Connection: To store your digital wallets, the SyncSpace team will develop a small-sized group of satellites.


The SSP team has launched the SSP ERC-20 standard tokens on the Ethereum network. All the Ethereum supported encrypted digital crypto wallets, alongside MEW, MM, Mist, Parity, and Ethereum wallets, are being supported by Ethereum ERC-20 standardized tokens and are appropriate for SSP tokens as well.


Q2 2021
Ignition UX Upgrade 2.0
UX Upgrade 2.0
DID - Decentralized Identity
$PAID Token Binance Smart Chain Bridge
Native $PAID Token Staking with APY
BSC Ignition Launchpad
Interoperability - Bridge to Polkadot via Moonbeam
Q3 2021
PAID and Ignition Platform Gamification - Badges, Titles, NFT’s
Referral System
Full SMART Agreement negotiation functionality, audit logs and more
Platform Community Infrastructure - Connecting, Messaging, etc.
Fee sponsoring
Q4 2021
Reputation score
DID - decentralized identity with Biometric Authentication
Chat with counterparty and contacts
Payment escrow
Dispute resolution via community arbitration
DAICO premium fund raising platform
Q1 2022
Borrowing and lending
Decentralized insurance (agreements or goods and services)
P2P and B2B market place
Enterprise modular contracts
Q2 2022
PAID Under-collateralized loans
PAID Native Mobile Apps for Android and iOS
Stakeholder voting, full DAO